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Championship successes 2023

Our competition team regularly enter TDCI Championships up and down the country.   Winning the section and being awarded 'Champion" wins a place to compete in the TDCI Champ of Champs event in Fleetwood in January.  We also compete in TDCI World Performer Heats and Prima championships. Below are our recent successes.




TDCI - Ledger and Montgomery Champs

Junior Ballet - Alexa - 4th

Senior Song and Dance - Olivia - CHAMPION

Senior Song and Dance - Alice - Runner Up

TDCI Dearneside Champs

Senior Ballet - Kessia - CHAMPION

Senior Modern  - Kessia - CHAMPION

Senior Modern  - Ruby - semi

Senior Song and Dance - Olivia - 6th

Junior Modern - Alexa  - CHAMPION

TDCI 3c's Champs

Senior Ballet - Kessia - CHAMPION

Senior Ballet - Ruby - 5th

TDCI Holme Valley Champs

Senior Song and Dance - Olivia - Runner Up

Senior Song and Dance - Alice - 3rd 


TDCI - National Scholarships representing ABD

Senior Ballet - Kessia  - CHAMPION

Senior Modern - Kessia - Runner Up

Senior Tap - Kessia - finalist 

TDCI White Rose Champs

Senior Song and Dance - Alice - Runner Up



TDCI British Champs

Junior Ballet - Alexa - Semi final 

Senior Ballet - Kessia - Semi final 


TDCI Ridings Global Champs

Senior Modern - Kessia - Runner Up 

TDCI Ledger and Montgomery Champs

Junior Song and Dance - Alexa - Runner Up

TDCI Wythenshawe Champs

Senior Song and Dance - Olivia - 5th



TDCI Scottish Area Champs

Senior Acro - Kessia - CHAMPION 

Senior Modern - Kessia - CHAMPION

Senior Ballet - Kessia - CHAMPION

Senior Tap - Kessia - 4th

Senior Song and Dance - Kessia - Runner Up

TDCI North Light Champs

Senior Modern - Kessia - 4th 

North Light 

World Performer Heat - Olivia - WINNER 



Allied Dance Association 

World Performer Heat - Ruby - WINNER 


TDCI North & West Yorkshire Champs

Senior Tap - Kessia - 4th 

TDCI Pennine Champs

Junior Modern - Alexa - 4th 

TDCI Firebird Miss Dance Heat

Alice - WINNER

TDCI Fox Valley Champs

Junior Ballet - Alexa - CHAMPION 

TDCI Montgomery  Champs

Senior Song and Dance - Olivia - 3rd 


TDCI Durham County

Senior Modern - Kessia - CHAMPION

TDCI Dinnington

Junior Modern - Alexa - 4th

Senior Modern - Ruby - 5th


January 2023

TDCI Cheshire Championships

Senior Song and Dance - Alice - 6th

World Performer Heat - Alice - WINNER

TDCI Fevrier Championships

Junior Ballet - Alexa - Runner Up

Senior Modern - Kessia - Runner Up

Aliec Miss Dance Heat Winner
Senior ballet champion
Kessia Ballet champion
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